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                    Welcome Dudes...  How do you do?. Myself Prathap from INDIA and I am very glad about your presence here to my website.     

 I am sure about that there will be your vist to my WebSite. With love and passion I invite you here with best compliment of the great season and my best wishes for you too..

      This site is designed to know more About me and to hold your presence and  touch With Me. Here every thing holds about my information like Lifestyle Activities, My college life, my photos, my Blogs, my Discussons etc.. 

     You are most welcome to my site and you can share your thoughts and ideas with me.. I will get back to you soon. Call me or have a mail to me when you are in online... take care... bye... bye..




my birthday 31-01-2013

06/02/2013 01:44
I'm very happy to remember this birthday which makes memoriable celebration on the party with my bro's and with new friends.. Thank you so much one and all who are being part of party and also who are wish me with your golden blessings.. This birthday is something special to been with Dharani ,...

Orange - movie

14/09/2012 14:29

Komaram Puli

14/09/2012 14:01

Narravula Foundation

14/09/2012 01:43
About Narravula Foundation   Our Vision is for a society in which we strive to provide an equitable and integrated model of health care, Education and Livelihoods by empowering marginalized people to become self-reliant.  To provide education related support, both monetary &...


13/09/2012 22:47
"EDUCATION IS TO EDUCATE But NOT TO EDUCATE THE EDUCATION"   Hello friend..! Every body should known about kammaplli village,  This village from Dakhili mandalam, 20 km near to venkatagiri town, nellore distric, andhrapradesh state. Because, There are differant kinds of peoples...

Useful Sites

06/07/2010 14:22
welcome you my dear friends..        I am just trying to keep some usefull links over this site,   and with ur suggestions i wil try to keep more and more information which wil may helpfull for those...

About My Website launched

06/07/2010 14:21
Hello my dear friends.. I hope ur doing well..  I would like to share my experience of my site.. Why did i developed this site. Benefits of this site.        Here I am tried to build a blog which is used to store my personal information and also which is cost less...